reel 2014


1 – Set Extension – 3D Generalist – “BlackList”
• camera tracking
• subway modeling and texturing
• lighting
• rendering
• comp (character roto and green screen key not performed by me)
Software: PFTrack, Maya, Nuke
Render: Mental Ray


2 – Glass Fracture – 3D Generalist – “BlackList”
• modeling / texturing (subway in the background)
• created glass fracture system able to manage bullet holes, constraints, chunks in Houdini based on Bullet Rigid Body Engine.
• rendering in Mantra
• developed Nuke Blink custom Nodes to shade , texture , relight and add motion blur to the glass in Nuke using refraction / reflection / velocity / uv vector passes generated from Houdini.
• comp
Software: Houdini, Nuke
Render: Mantra


3 – Aurora Borealis Effect – FX Technical Director – “Rise of The Guardians”
• developed Aurora System in Houdini on my own and contributed to the Maya Version of the system in team with other artists.
• worked on 8 shots
Software: Maya, Houdini, Nuke
Render: DreamWorks proprietary render engine


4 – Night-mares Effect – FX Technical Director – “Rise of The Guardians”
• Shot work using the Nightmare system on Houdini and Comp the final result.
Software: Houdini, Nuke
Render: DreamWorks proprietary render engine.

5 – Environment Fot and Torches Effect – FX Technical Director – “Puss In Boots”
• developed fire torch system for fast moving objects with Maya Fluids
• developed custom fluid auto-resize tool driven by density and contained geometry(1)
• developed custom fluid deformation tool (2)
• created fog using Maya fluids and animated it using Maya fields and Particle Expression.
• used Houdini to post process the particle elements exported from Maya.
Software: Maya, Houdini, Nuke
Render: DreamWorks proprietary volume render engine

6 – Flies Effect – FX Technical Director – “Shrek Forever After”
• created fly rig procedural deambulation on surfaces based on surface proximity, and flap wings like a real fly
• hand drawn flies paths on geometry
Software: Maya

7 – Roaches Effect – FX Technical Director – “Puss In Boots”
• developed procedural roaches system able to generate ‘noisy’ Nurbs curves on surface given proximity control points, automatically attach roaches to the curves and automatically animate the deambulation based on parameters like speed, walk start and end, pauses etc.
• used tool previously developed to automatically generate Mel UI based on procedure parameter name and type.
Software: Maya


8Houdini Venation System OTL and HDK Plug-in – Personal Project
• Developed Venation System inspired by a paper describing an algorithm to model and visualize leaf venation patterns. The plug-in is able to create an extremely intricate venation system procedurally and interactively. The pattern can grow in volumes, on surfaces and allows avoidance (collision) objects, different types of visualization (points/lines/tubes) and noise. The System is packaged into a very fast engine core (Plug-In for Houdini HDK) driven by an intuitive OTL interface for the UI.
Software: Houdini, gcc

9 – Flowing Water Effect – FX Technical Director – “Shrek Forever After”
• (3) developed set of tools to have particles move over complex multi patch Nurbs assets
• generated flowing water effect using (3) to create water streams and wet maps.
• rendered all the layers and comped the final image
Software: Maya, DreamWorks Proprietary Compositing tool.
Render: DreamWorks scanline render engine


10 – Fountain – Personal Project
• Water simulation generated using Houdini FLIP
• implemented OTL to generate foam/bubbles and splashes particle object from the water sim particle distribution.
• generated wetmap in Houdini
• rendered using Mantra
• comp in Nuke
Software : Houdini, Nuke
Render: Mantra

11 – Clouds Effect – FX Technical Director – “Puss In Boots”
• setup and render of several passes for a cloud effect (the clouds I’ve worked on are the clouds visible in the end of the shot)
Software: Houdini, Nuke
Render: Mantra

12 – City Smoke Effect – FX Technical Director – “Kung Fu Panda 2”
• created city smoke streams using Maya Particles driven by Particle Expressions
Software: Maya, Nuke
Render: DreamWorks proprietary particle render engine

13 – Lighting Pipeline Technical Director – “Batman – The Dark Knight”
• analyzed the pipelines of previous shows and lay the foundations of a new pipeline
• developed tools for Maya that would allow the lighter to quickly generate and position custom lights compatible with Liquid.
Scripting Language: Mel, Python


14 – Animation Pipeline Technical Director – “The Golden Compass”
• developed a tool to generate the mesh cache of the animated bears assets on the farm
• maintained Choreographer, the core animation tool for the show
• lead TD for animation department
Scripting Languages: Mel, Python

15 – Crowd Pipeline Technical Director – “The Tale of Despereaux”
• developed a system to automatically generate on the farm a random set of mice with different body features and wardrobe.
Scripting Language: Mel, Python